Since 2 1/2 years, Cloud is Internationally active and has quite conqueredin Baden-Wuerttemberg and south Germany into the Dubstep-Genre. It is astonishing how the music and the computer science of today’s world influence our current actions. From creative ideas to concepts to finished products. With many collaborations of creative minds, Cloud and many other artists create breathtaking works that literally go under the skin.  With „Infectious“ and „Switch“ everything has started and since then Cloud’s works are getting better and better. Its goal is always to produce high quality content. According to his testimony alone, the rendering time of the individual particle objects of „Infectious“ took 8 hours to view the project now in a 4K resolution, whereby the fun at the work inspired him the most.

With Twitch Livestreams for professional music production and the development of animation films in virtual rooms, Cloud has the most visitors. Indescribably funny moments in the streams from sides of the community as well as the eating together of a pizza with the viewers finds not only he but also his fans interesting.
Seriously! Who says you could not have fun on the way to the production of high quality projects? Experimenting with violent dubstep growls in VST plugins such as „serum“ or „massive“ in subtitling of melodic symphonies makes the most fun in music production. In combination with the use of different DAW’s, amazing results are achieved in the development of audio tracks.
Also, creating remixes is, according to Cloud’s statements, always a way to learn exciting new experiences with other programs and hardware.Now Cloud is working with new and exciting ways to visualize the music in virtual rooms like „VR“ and master it professionally. With programs such as „Cinema 4D“ and „After Effects“ the visualization of exploding particle objects to the mood of the music becomes great art.